The Graduates Recruitment

Recruitment Status: Open

Listen to this quick message from our founder: recruit.mp3 or

Minimum Requirements for consideration:

  • 15M SP with at least 6 months in game
  • 5M SP For Eve University Graduates with at least 3 months in game
  • Must be able to at least fly a Tech II frigate or destroyer, like an interceptor, interdictor, stealth bomber or command destroyer


  • Must follow TGRAD code at all times
  • Expected to participate in PVP, especially alliance fleets
  • Must train for alliance doctrine ships
  • Must be on Mumble regularly when playing
  • Team orientated: Support fellow corp members


  • Sportsmanship in victory and defeat. (No smacking, chest beating, or whining)
  • Fair play in gaming. (No exploiters, scammers).
  • Tough sheriff at home, good citizen abroad. (NBSI in 0.0, NRDS in lowsec).
  • Good friend to friends. Killer of Killers. (Honorable diplomatic relations & anti-piracy).
  • All-for-one, and one-for-all. Everyone fights.
  • PG-13 on comms and chats.

If you meet the requirements, please apply by filling out the Web Application.

There are 4 steps to our process:

  • Web Application - Application Form
  • Verification - (Registration in our corp management tool: SeAT)
  • Interview - Stay in -TGRAD Pub- or our corporate Discord and seek out a recruiter to conduct an upto 30 minute interview
  • Leadership Review - Culminates in a congratulations or denial evemail
  • Once accepted, all apis are to be active for the duration of your stay in TGRADS.

Current Recruiters:

  • Tess Storm
  • Almos Pau
  • Dak Dallocort
  • Faeron Virenque
  • Kwa Zulu
  • Sikandar Cole

You will get an accept or decline mail in approximately 2 days after you provide your account(s) APIs.

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